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Branded guides

Create guides with discovery content that is native, engaging and matches your brand values.

Fresh, engaging content from influencers

Utilise our network of influencers and travel experts by having them create engaging destination guide content - via web, articles, videos, app - just for you.


Marketing campaigns with native discovery content

Create campaigns to promote products, Airline routes, consumer contest, events – and much more.

Take your audience on a real adventure by telling your story using discovery content.

Optimise your KPIs, increase brand awareness, build engagement, drive purchases, and grow your database.

Package and Distribute

Feature your curated content on the website, campaign page or blog using our web widget.

The layout and branding of the widget is completely customisable for seamless integration.


GuidePal allows people to experience the world through your brand’s perspective.

As we lose our trust in crowd sourced reviews, we give people guides from brands and influencers they know and love.

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