Useful tips

Supposedly invented by pirates in the 16
th century, the Mojito certainly has a colorful history. Follow these tips and you’ll recreate the classic Mojito – just as Hemingway would have liked it…

Go fresh

Only use fresh mint and fresh lime - dried leaves and bottled lime juice is a definite ‘no, no’. Also, the fresh mint will decorate the glass beautifully. 

Ice balance

Try to find the perfect balance of ice. Adding too little ice and under-stirring won’t make the drink cold enough, while adding too much ice and over-stirring will dilute the drink. A tip is to mix all the ingredients and add soda water at the end.

Stir well but don’t shake

Muddy/cloudy and creamy drinks should be shaken, such as drinks including fruit juices, egg, milk, cream etc. A dry martini should not be shaken, despite Bond’s philosophy.   And the same applies to the Mojito.  Don’t forget that stirring is simply to cool down the drink so be wary of over-stirring.

Cool the glass

To keep the Mojito cool, put the glass in the freezer before making the drink.

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It’s the Cuban classic that many get wrong. But with our guide, you’ll create the authentic Mojito.

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