About us

Our mission

At GuidePal we’re passionate about travel, and we believe that the only way to truly see and experience a city is to do it like a local. We grew tired of those out-of-date travel guides compiled by writers with no real experiences in the city - it's clear to us that there’s a lot of virtual traveling going on.

So we launched a mission to provide city guides that are completely objective, unbiased, constantly updated, and created by people actually living in the city. And we can proudly say that we’ve succeeded in our mission. 

A better way to travel

In our guides, each and every recommendation has been selected by locals who love their city, enjoy uncovering its latest gems, and are handpicking for us the very best their cities have to offer.


We’re very selective because our users are very picky (and, yes, that’s a good thing). We never refer to our users as tourists; they're travellers, and that's a big difference. So there are no tourist meccas in the GuidePal world, and we’ve skipped everything our users don’t need and are giving them so much more from less.

What we'll provide you with

What you’ll find in our guides is only the crème de la crème: the hidden gems, the popular local hotspots and the must-see classics. Whether you decide to visit that vintage market, the fast food joint, or the latest culinary hotspot, or whether you’re in the city for four hours or four days, we can guarantee that you’ll have a superb, authentic experience.

But not just that: we want you to also have fun reading the guides. We team our local experts with seasoned travel journalists who have lived in, or are still living in the city, and together they create content that is intelligent and inspiring, all crafted for the cultured, savvy traveller. 

Our 100% offline mobile city guides – for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows 8 – will provide you with a truly insider view and in-the-know travel experience all via the latest app technology. You see, it’s all about travelling like a local.