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Roman Forum and the Tower of the Winds

Photo: Andreas Trepte | License

Visit history's first clock tower

Word to the wise: Just outside the forum gates are the foundations of public latrines from the first century AD, nearly 1,900 years before they arrived in the Western world.

The Romans often built forums, such as this, in the cities they conquered. Begun during the reign of Julius Caesar as an extension of the ancient Greek Agora, it allows an interesting insight into the crossover between two great civilizations.

The Tower of the Winds is the best-preserved and most impressive remains on the site. It was a weather vane, compass, sundial, water clock, and it displayed the wind direction by pointing to a corresponding Greek figure. Despite being within the Roman site, it was designed and built by Greek Andronicus of Cyrrhus, although other sources suggest it may have been built before the Romans arrived.


Quick facts

Fee: Adult: EUR 2
Included on a joint Acropolis ticket: EUR 12
Open: Apr-Oct, Mon: 11am – 7.30pm
Tue-Sun: 8am 7.30pm
Nov-Mar, Daily: 8am – 5pm
Address: 2 Pelopida Street, Monasteraki
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