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The right way to say it wrong

Serious students of the English language (or Spanish) may shudder at the way Austinites pronounce some of the city's street names. Many of them started as Spanish words that were mangled by European settlers, while the origins of others are lost to history. You can say them the right way if you want, but your cab driver most likely won't know what you're talking about.

Manchaca - Just forget that 'a' at the end. It's man-chack.

Brazos - The street is named after a Texan river, and they're both pronounced bra-zus.

San Jacinto - The street is named after the site of a famous battle south of Houston, and the victors decided to pronounce it san juh-sin-toe.

Burnet - That's burn-it, as in "burn it down".

Guadalupe - The 'e' mysteriously vanished at some point in Austin's past: gwad-uh-lupe.

Koenig - Locals say it kay-nig.

Manor - Manor Road is named for the city of Manor, and both are pronounced may-ner.


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