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Zhongguancun - electronics 中关村

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China's own (pirated) Silicon Valley

Word to the wise: Just like all other markets in Beijing, prices are often negotiable. Don't be fooled by a store's professional appearance - it's always possible to get a reduction.

Zhongguancun electronics market comprises of two gigantic buildings, each with dozens of floors filled with shops, offices and storage facilities. Among them are scattered a number of small stores, so if you're looking for electronics this is the place to be.

Cameras, computers and any other electronics item you can think of can be purchased here at the lowest prices imaginable, and from the best selection in town. There are also lots of pirated software, TV games and movies that can be provided if a customer is interested. The biggest department store offering the most extensive selection of goods, comprising all of six floors, is called Hailong and is a must-see for the tech nerd.


Quick facts

Open: Daily: 9am - 6.30pm
Address: 1 Zhongguancun Dajie, Haidian District
Phone: +86 10 8266 3838



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