Review: An artist's abode in Amsterdam

February 01, 2013 , Review, Amsterdam

"You must be freezing!" Claire, my host cried, looking in alarm at my mini skirt. "I have lots of thermals, and you're going to need them here. Please do borrow some." I had only just walked through the door and already the utterly charming Claire was offering me extra layers of her own clothing. Now, you don't get that in a hotel. Read more

Saigon's best sips

January 18, 2013 , Ho Chi Minh City

Known more colloquially as Saigon, its romantically evocative pre-war name, Ho Chi Minh City is one of Asia's most enigmatic metropoleis. Tucked between its colonial remnants and bustling markets, above the ancient pagodas and sizzling streetside woks, Saigon's after-dark scene is really taking off. From rooftop bars to historical hangouts, here's ... Read more

A Stockholm winter

January 16, 2013 , Stockholm, Travel pictures

With snow falling and the temperature dropping to negative numbers, it’s fair to say that winter has truly arrived. In what can seem bleak and gloomy, photographer Kalle Sund captures the beauty and magic of a city ensconced in winter. “Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and that’s how I want to show my hometown - no matter the season”, he says Read more

Top 5 Parisian speakeasies

January 14, 2013 , Top 5, Paris

Paris isn't just hopelessly romantic - dig a little deeper and you’ll find a clandestine world of devious drinking and late nights. On seemingly dormant streets behind darkened doors, the speakeasy scene is flourishing, but if you want ‘in’ the French are going to make you work for it. Here, expert drinker and blogger BarChick gives you her top tips. Read more

Berlin's best abodes

January 11, 2013 , Round-up travel features, Berlin

Berlin rocks. Its gritty, graffitied streets harbour some of Europe's coolest boutiques, underground restaurants and back-to-front bars turning culture on its head and shaking it all about. Better still, this glut of goodness is easily accessible. This is one of the best cities for affordable accommodation, whether you want a high-design hotel or a... Read more

Top 5 coffee spots in Dubai

January 09, 2013 , Dubai, Top 5

A new crop of cafes have sprung up in Dubai over the last year. Independent and cultured, they're at odds with the prolific chains, turning to Antipodean brewing methods and reaching out to the new breed of creatives in town who want more than super malls and flash hotels. Here, one of the key innovators of the developing coffee culture and our local expert, roast master Matt Wade, brings us his favourite cafes in Dubai Read more

Winter in Moscow

January 07, 2013 , On the road, Moscow

“Winter in Moscow? Have you gone completely mad?” Tell someone you’re planning a trip to Russia’s icy capital during the cold months and they’ll probably question your sanity. But while Moscow can get very cold, winter can actually be a magical time of year to visit. Pack your thermals and you’ll discover a sparklingly snowy, tourist-free city that knows how to put its best foot forward when the mercury drops below zero Read more

Five of the best: detox retreats

January 04, 2013 , Round-up travel features, Top 5

New Year detoxing is no longer just about going on a juice fast or stepping up the pace on the treadmill, but putting the wheels in motion for a happier, healthier lifestyle. Wellness holidays are hotter than ever for 2013, and we've uncovered five of the world's most luxurious detox retreats guaranteed to reverse at least some of your silly season... Read more

Favourite hotspots in Brussels

January 03, 2013 , Latest hotspots in..., Brussels

If fleeing the winter chill for somewhere hotter isn't quite your thing, then Brussels is one of our favourite cities to explore in the colder European climate. Though some have previously dismissed Brussels as dull and rather unexciting, today the city is a quirky, fascinating hub ready to take you on a gastronomic adventure. Read more

Top 10 cities to visit in 2013

December 27, 2012 , Round-up travel features

As London signs off from its biggest year in the world spotlight, a new list of diverse international cities are rising to the top of our must-visit lists. From emerging cultural capitals to new safe zones, architectural wonders and the hottest foodie scenes, we've found ten cities to tick off in 2013 - or to at least start dreaming about. Read more

Walking Budapest

December 21, 2012 , On the road

I take Budapest by foot. Despite being a large city - or two cities stuck together - there is so much to see it seems a shame not to walk. 'Remember to look up!’ one local tells me, ‘There may be the same shops you recognise at eye-level, but the history is in the skyline. Read more

Latest hotspots in Edinburgh

December 19, 2012 , Latest hotspots in..., Edinburgh

While most venture to Edinburgh for the new year's eve festivities of fireworks and canons being fired at the stroke of midnight, at GuidePal, we've found other reasons to head to the Scottish capital. From restaurants hidden in gardens, to old-school bars and cosy cafes, we've found our favourite places to enjoy all year round Read more

Foodie Brixton

December 17, 2012 , Spotlight on ..., London

Once better known for gun crime, riots and housing estates than for fine dining, this south London borough has transformed into an enclave of gastronomic greatness. The area's diverse and unstuffy character, as well as lower rents, have attracted chefs looking to take some risks. Now the 1930s covered arcades of Brixton Market and Brixton Village are packed with artisanal cafes and bohemian restaurants attracting punters from across the city. Read more

48 hours in Paris

December 14, 2012 , 48 hours in..., Paris

Only two days to explore possibly the world’s most beautiful city? Just 48 hours in Paris may sound daunting, but if you keep your goals modest, it’s perfectly possible to get a taster of why travellers fall in love with the city again and again. Here’s how Read more

Africa's wildlife up close

December 12, 2012 , Travel pictures

It’s the perfect time of year to experience the raw beauty of the African wilderness, exploring the vast landscape and extraordinary wildlife. Christof Schoeman, a wildlife photographer, followed his heart back to South Africa, capturing the stunning majesty of many exotic creatures from leopards to elephants. “Wildlife is the essence of Africa, it’s what brings it to life,” he says Read more

Top 5 offbeat cities to spend New Year's Eve

December 10, 2012

As millions line the shores of Sydney Harbour to watch the fireworks display or huddle in NYC's Times Square waiting for the famous ball drop, oodles more will welcome the New Year in some of the world's more obscure cities. From foodie festivals to quirky end-of-year traditions and bath house raves, we've found five top cities ringing in 2013 with... Read more

Review: The Rutland Hotel, Edinburgh

December 07, 2012 , Review, Edinburgh

Luxury is an ever-changing concept. At one point, it was all stark minimalism, intimidating to all but the most rarefied of creatures (people who wear white and get blow dries). But things began to change with the boom in boutique hotels: they lost the snooty attitude, the spacious empty suites were replaced with vintage-chic aesthetic, and us mere mortals could blend in. Which is where Edinburgh’s Rutland Hotel comes in. Read more

Latest hotspots in Bangkok

December 04, 2012 , Latest hotspots in..., Bangkok

As winter hits the northern hemisphere, there's no better time to escape and seek refuge in the beauty and culture of Thailand's capital city. A disorientating amalgam of old and new unlike anywhere else in Asia, Bangkok is the place to see out the year's colder months with good food, cool bars and vintage shopping. Read more

Winter city escapes for all

December 03, 2012

You may like spending those long, dark days snuggled up by a fire while it snows outside, or perhaps you would prefer to get as far away from the cold as possible; either way we’ve rounded-up your top options for the coming winter months. While European cities can be even more magical in the crisp cold with twinkling lights and cosy retreats, there’s certainly an allure to hot-footing it south for some sunshine. Read more

Enigmatic Tokyo

November 30, 2012 , Travel pictures

For centuries, Tokyo has been Japan’s thriving capital. Now, whilst still steeped in heritage, the city is a heaving metropolis that has infused modernisation and pop culture with it’s unique ethnic flavour. Travel photographer Fannie W. beautifully captures the movement of organised chaos in a city where “super-modern architecture can stand side-by-side with ancient temples.” Read more

What's hot in travel - December

November 28, 2012 , What's hot in travel, Sydney, Vancouver

Our monthly round-up of the latest in travel, from the hottest new restaurants to luxe tropical escapes. This December, we've untapped a new travel destination in North Africa, happened upon a lush spa hotel in the Maldives, and dished on one of the best cities in the world to ring in 2013. Read more

48 hours in Sydney

November 26, 2012 , 48 hours in..., Sydney

While Europeans turn up the heating and snuggle under the duvet, Sydneysiders are stripping down to their swimwear for a summer of fun. Hot, crowded and entrenched in party mode, it's the best time of the year to see Australia's quintessential summer city in full swing. Read more

Prague off the beaten track

November 21, 2012 , On the road, Prague

With every corner pretty as a postcard, it’s easy to understand why Prague’s oldest central neighbourhoods are so popular with visitors. But while their gothic churches, baroque mansions, sweeping views and narrow lanes are all delightful, they’re hardly uncharted territory. As GuidePal's city guide editor Feargus O'Sullivan learned on a recent visit to Prague, there’s plenty more of the city beyond this central bubble. Read more

Latest hotspots in Barcelona

November 19, 2012 , Latest hotspots in..., Barcelona

There's so much more to Barcelona than La Rambla and Gaudi buildings - beautiful though they are. It's home to a flourishing foodie scene and full of people obsessed with a good night out - and we don't just mean flamenco and paella, neither of which come from the city. We've revamped our Barcelona guide with all our local experts' favourites - here's a snapshot.. Read more

The souks of Marrakesh

November 16, 2012 , On the road

As the new day lumbers slowly over Morocco's snow-covered Atlas Mountains, the local muezzin's amplified Arabic lilt carries across Marrakesh's Medina (old city) like a beautiful, mournful song. Described by Barack Obama as "one of the prettiest sounds on Earth," the Muslim call to fajr (dawn) prayer certainly beats my mobile alarm tone. Read more

Shanghai’s other side

November 14, 2012 , Travel pictures, Shanghai

Swedish photographer Hannes Söderlund has long been drawn to China - and no place more so than the exhilarating city of Shanghai. But it’s not the manic chaos of the city that Hannes captures in his photographs: it’s the unexpected serenity nestled within the hustle and bustle of this ever-changing mega-metropolis Read more

Europe's best Christmas markets

November 12, 2012

Even a staunch Christmas cynic would find it hard not to be seduced by the warmth and twinkling lights of these Christmas markets. Getting tipsy on hot Gluhwein, while nibbling on some tasty pastries with the wafts of cinnamon and roasted chestnuts all around you, is irresistible - the perfect way to wean yourself into the Christmas season. Read more

Hottest LA sleeps

November 09, 2012 , Round-up travel features, Los Angeles

From the vintage shopping heartland of Melrose Avenue to the chilled-out Venice Beach, there's a little bit of LA for everyone - and the perfect sleep to suit. Mixing the opulent with the old school, we've found five hotels - with five very different personalities - to rest your weary head. Now all that's left is to plan your assault on the city. Read more

Top 5 London winter pop-ups

November 07, 2012 , London, Top 5

Pop-up shops, bars, restaurants and galleries have been springing up around major cities since the early noughties, and the phenomenon is showing no signs of slowing down. As winter gets its icy claws stuck into London, a new wave of clever temporary entertainment initiatives are set to give locals and visitors alike good reason to brave the elements. Read more

Latest hotspots in Paris

November 01, 2012 , Latest hotspots in..., Paris

Paris is the latest guide in our repertoire that's undergone a revamp, and we can't seem to get enough of this city. So we've put together a hot list of our Parisian favourites, from a Christian Lacroix designed hotel and pink boutiques to the latest in 70s-inspired Moroccan bars. Read more

What's hot in travel - November

November 01, 2012 , What's hot in travel, New York, Paris, Rome

Our monthly round-up of the latest in travel, from off-beat festivals to new hotel innovations. This November, we've got the juice on Egypt's latest tourist attraction, uncovered a Parisian festival made for chocoholics and given travellers to Rome something to think about when their bellies begin to rumble. Read more

Reykjavik’s rebirth

October 29, 2012 , On the road, Reykjavik

On the 40 minute bus ride from Keflavik airport to the Blue Lagoon there was barely a word from anyone on my packed bus. No one was prepared for the otherworldly landscape of crater-filled, grey and black basalt lava flows that shape the rugged landscape and extend into barren mountain ranges Read more

Australia's east coast through the lens

October 24, 2012 , Travel pictures

Sid Das, a travel photographer based in Singapore, has travelled extensively to try to capture the essence of places around the globe. “Australia, for example, has so many beautiful sights that just scream to be photographed,” he says, “but I took a more subtle approach in these pictures I snapped while travelling along Australia’s east coast. Read more

48 hours in Madrid

October 22, 2012 , 48 hours in..., Madrid

It may not be Europe’s oldest, grandest capital, but it would be hard to find a city that is livelier, friendlier and more enjoyable than Madrid. Autumn’s a particularly good time to visit the city as summer’s heat and crowds have evaporated, but there are still plenty of clear, sunny afternoons to enjoy before winter’s chill truly kicks in Read more

Latest hotspots in New Orleans

October 19, 2012 , Latest hotspots in..., New Orleans

We've been updating our New Orleans guide with more than just Mardi Gras. With bars, galleries and a shopping street that is set to overwhelm even the most dedicated of shopaholics, our list of local favourites will be sure to set New Orleans on a brand new map. Read more

Game on Glasgow

October 17, 2012 , On the road, Glasgow

Often overlooked as Edinburgh's grubbier little brother, Glasgow doesn't routinely top many European travel itineraries. But we love an underdog. And as the granddaughter of a bonnie Ayrshire lass who left her homeland behind to follow her wartime love to Sydney, GuidePal guide editor Sarah Reid is keen to rediscover her roots - haggis, bagpipes, Nessie and all Read more

Machismo and meat

October 15, 2012 , On the road, Buenos Aires

We walked past it everyday. We smelt it before we saw it; tantalising, mouth-watering, lust-inducing. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted something in my mouth so much. It was nothing fancy. Just steak and sausages grilling. But oh, what sweet-smelling meat. The source was a nameless hole-in-the-wall parilla in Buenos Aires’ San Telmo. Read more

Latest hotspots in Berlin

October 12, 2012 , Latest hotspots in..., Berlin

Berlin is acknowledged the world over as a cultural melting pot of creative cool. As a city that is constantly regenerating and reforming, it never loses its edge. Here at GuidePal we've just updated our Berlin guide, bringing you everything from the latest all-night wreck club to the hippest hidden restaurant. Read more

Evocative scenery

October 10, 2012 , Travel pictures

Scenery captured in even its simplest form is often more than just a pretty picture. A beautiful photograph can evoke warmth, nostalgia and even a sense of calm. Documentary photographer Jonathan Nutt, with his 23 years experience, knows that getting an image to move a person is “more complex than just F-stops, shutter speeds, composition and technical details. Read more

Hidden Dublin

October 08, 2012 , On the road, Dublin

Times may be tough on the Emerald Isle, but that hasn't stopped the party. Tucked in its alleyways and secreted away in the backrooms of its bars, Dublin's dining, arts and entertainment scene is positively booming. GuidePal city guide editor Sarah Reid swung by the capital of the Republic for a long weekend in search of a good craic. Read more

Bounce: Heading up the ping pong pack

October 05, 2012 , Review, Spotlight on ..., London

It’s a silly game. Hitting a tiny little ball with a daft little paddle, back and forth, back and forth, which is near impossible to achieve without a good dose of comedy. You would think a game such as this would be forever relegated to the remit of Forest Gump geeks and obscure Olympians. But no. Not in the slightest. Read more

Travel like a local: Oslo

October 03, 2012 , Travel like a local, Oslo

Introducing Fanny J Waller, GuidePal's local expert, experienced sommelier and seeker of the most inspiring places, enticing foods and one-of-a-kind bars in Oslo. Find out where to get mouthwatering eats, her tips for saving money without missing out, and why few visitors ever make it to the best bar street in the city Read more

What's hot in travel - October

October 01, 2012 , What's hot in travel

Our monthly round-up of the latest in travel, from the quirkiest new dining experiences to the most luxurious new hotels. This October, we've uncovered the hottest place to enjoy a cocktail in the Mediterranean, reported on the city worth its World Heritage status and dished on the dining trend that's got us all in a fluster. Read more

Sensational Day of the Dead festivities

October 01, 2012 , Round-up travel features, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Dublin

From the west’s Hallowe’en to the east’s Hungry Ghost Festival, every culture around the world has a way of honouring their lost ones and warding off evil spirits. While some are sombre, reflective occasions, others may see you dancing with the dead in a rave beyond the grave. Read more

Foodie Istanbul

September 28, 2012 , Top 5, Istanbul

No wonder they say go for the history, stay for the food. Whether it’s from a street vendor or a high-end fusion restaurant, there’s something for everyone in Istanbul’s eclectic cuisine. A meyhane offers hot and cold meze washed down with raki, while a lokanta is a no-frills affair serving home-style cooking. And now a new generation of chefs are creating their own contemporary take on tradition Read more

Wonders of the natural world

September 27, 2012 , Travel pictures

"Sometimes it's good to leave behind the lights of the big city and walk out into nature", says photographer Daniel Cohn. At GuidePal, while we obviously love the buzz of the city and its’ bright lights, we can't help but agree. There's something awe-inspiring about nature's majesty and its ability to calm the soul Read more

48 Hours in Mumbai

September 21, 2012

As monsoon rains ease at the end of September and Mumbai's perennial humidity becomes a smidgen more bearable, the city is ripe for exploring. From its brash, Bollywood lights to its ancient ghats, colonial grandeur and sprawling modern slums, this multifaceted city is a microcosm of India, served raw. Read more

Capturing stunning stillness

September 19, 2012 , Travel pictures

"Beautiful, authentic, and emotional" are ways in which many of us see the natural world, but few have the ability to encapsulate it in a photograph. Michelle Walker, a San Francisco-based photographer, looks to capture the pure stillness in raw beauty and not what can be manipulated into something beautiful: “I want the viewer to be able to feel what it was like being there. Read more

Latest hotspots in LA

September 17, 2012 , Latest hotspots in..., Los Angeles

En route to LA? Our guide has just been updated with the latest and greatest spots. Here are a few of our tried-and-tested favourites - from markets to bars and a top place to eat in between Read more

Travel like a local: London

September 14, 2012 , Travel like a local, London

Introducing Tyler Wetherall, one of GuidePal's city guide editors, who dares to share cherished knowledge on the best places to eat breakfast and why you need to drink your way through London Read more

Cityscapes by night

September 12, 2012 , Chicago, Travel pictures, Hong Kong

Under the cover of darkness, Atlanta photographer Craig Schultz plays with light and exposure to shoot the cities that never sleep in their raw, neon glory. "Shooting at night with a tripod is my favourite time to capture the vibrant lights of the world’s most breathtaking cityscapes," says Shultz, who shares four of his favourite exposures with GuidePal Read more

Road trip through Uruguay

September 10, 2012 , On the road, Travel pictures

Uruguay is South America’s secret that the world is slowly discovering. Tucked between its bigger siblings Argentina and Brazil, people seem to skip right past it. But this small country shares the best attributes of both its neighbours with the gaucho culture, tango and great steak of Argentina coupled with the sandy white beaches and carnival parties of Brazil Read more

The hidden heart of Italy

September 06, 2012 , Travel pictures

Imagine the soft heat of the mid-afternoon sun on your skin, and the smell of the Ligurian Sea in the air. In the background, the sound of distant chatter and laughter lulls you into a smile of serenity. Has a sunset stroll along the port or a wander through winding cobbled streets ever seemed more appealing than in the village of Porto Venere Read more

Latest hotspots in Amsterdam

September 04, 2012 , Latest hotspots in..., Amsterdam

We’ve just finished revamping our Amsterdam guide – check out all the latest local tips, from cool boutiques to quirky cafés. Read more

What's hot in travel - September

September 01, 2012 , What's hot in travel, Los Angeles

Our monthly round-up of the latest in travel, from the coolest cultural festivals to international dining trends, new hotels and exotic destinations. This September, we've uncovered the hottest new gastropub in downtown Los Angeles, scoped out the best place to sink a stein in Munich and pondered the future of air travel. Read more

San Francisco's new foodie hotspots

August 30, 2012 , Round-up travel features, San Francisco

San Francisco has always been known as a foodie city, but in recent years it has arguably surpassed New York as the US's gastro center. Young chefs keep upping the ante with exciting and ambitious new restaurants, creating a culinary buzz that champions food trucks as much as fine dining. Here, we select five of our favourite openings of 2012. Read more

Lost in the landscape

August 29, 2012 , Travel pictures

Martine Franck, a documentary photographer, once said: “My grandfather killed himself falling off the dike in Ostend while photographing my two cousins. This can happen so easily when looking through a lens: for a split second nothing else exists outside the frame…” In places of beauty, we can often find ourselves lost in that moment, with nothing left but to stand and capture; something travel photographer Tom Robinson encapsulates so well Read more

Top 10 hotels with a past

August 26, 2012 , What's hot in travel, Miami, Paris, Istanbul, Venice

Tired of predictable chain hotels and beige boutiques? Then doze in a drug baron’s den, bed down in a train station or spend the night in jail – but only if they’ve been transformed into a fabulous hotel. Check in, soak up the history and imagine your room in its previous life. If only walls could talk. Read more

Riviera road trip

August 26, 2012 , On the road, Nice

With it's grand, pastel-hued shuttered buildings hugging the ultramarine coastline, they don't call France's most famous seaside city "Nice la Belle" (Nice the Beautiful) for nothing. But with two other countries right on its doorstep, GuidePal city guide editor Sarah Reid couldn't resist hitting the road for a day to explore this idyllic slice of the Mediterranean. Read more

48 hours in Barcelona

August 23, 2012 , 48 hours in..., Barcelona

As the temperature starts to cool down, Barcelona’s frenetic streets liven up, making September the perfect time to take in the diversity of Spain’s coolest city. With a thriving art scene, Gothic to Modernist architecture, a cosmopolitan café culture, gastronomic delights galore and a buzzing nightlife, there’ll be no time for a siesta Read more

Dazzling Rio de Janeiro

August 22, 2012 , Travel pictures, Rio de Janeiro

Ah, Rio, the iconic city, fabled for it's bronzed Cariocas, Carnival, Caipirinhas and Copacabana. It's all of that, and so much more. We've been exploring this tropical city's many colourful layers while creating our new guide. "It's an incredible, truly unique city - cidade maravilhosa!", says our photographer Martin Lazarev. "This is a place of many contrasts, where anything can happen... Read more

Last of the festivals of 2012

August 17, 2012 , Round-up travel features, Reykjavik, Paris, Austin, Seattle

So you've seen endless Facebook photos of friends frolicking in sunny fields or dancing amidst bouncing crowds, and now you feel left out. Well, it's not too late to get involved with some of the world's most dynamic festivals still to come, many perfect for pairing with a mini-break. Here we outline the best of the rest of the fests Read more

Top 10 beach cities

August 01, 2012 , Travel like a local, Cape Town, Dubai, Sydney, Barcelona, Nice, Havana, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Miami

Torn between a beach or city break? Some of the world’s greatest metropolises have been graced with pristine strips of sand, where you can effortlessly combine historical riches, architectural wonders, cutting-edge cuisine and buzzing nightlife with a spot of seaside relaxation. So slap on the shades and sun block, here’s our pick of the best beach cities Read more

What's hot in travel - August

July 31, 2012 , What's hot in travel, Nice

Our monthly round-up of the latest in travel, from the coolest cultural festivals to international dining trends, new hotels and exotic destinations. This August, we’ve uncovered the most fabulous new luxury lodge in Sub-Saharan Africa, a pocket of Niçoise restaurants worth their sea salt as well as where to catch the world’s largest food fight Read more

London: An Olympics mini guide

July 27, 2012 , Travel like a local, London

The whole world has descended on London in eager-eyed anticipation of the championships to come. But in a city as vast and mighty as this, with every restaurant, bar and venue hosting Olympiad events, it’s easy to to suffer from Olympic overload. Follow GuidePal’s mini guide of how to get the best out of London this summer. Read more

Top 5: Parisian cafés for great coffee

July 26, 2012

Parisian coffee has long been derided as sub-standard, more utilitarian than gourmet. But now coffee lovers can celebrate as the capital is starting to get serious about its caffeine: there are cool, quirky cafés from a new wave of international brew masters popping up all over the city. Here’s our pick of the very best. Read more

Bangkok: What to know before you go

July 19, 2012

The Thai capital is a haven for travellers, full of cheap eats, dazzling sights and some of the world’s friendliest people. But the city has its share of quirks, too. We’ve rounded up essential Bangkok info – from unusual customs to common scams – so you can feel at home as soon as you arrive. Read more

Top summer day hikes from Vancouver

July 12, 2012

Summer signals hiking season in Vancouver. Boasting lush, emerald forests, panoramic alpine views and spectacular wildlife, British Columbia is a true hiker’s paradise. Hundreds of trails accessible from the city cater to all fitness levels; check conditions online before setting out, never hike alone, and remember to keep a respectable distance from resident black bears Read more

Seductive slumber stories

July 05, 2012 , On the road, London

I’m in a candlelit kitchen sipping gin from a teacup trying to hold a conversation while wearing nothing but a silk night slip and suspenders. This could be one of those dreams in which I’ve suddenly found myself in a room full of people with no clothes on, except this is significantly more glamorous Read more

What's hot in travel - July

July 03, 2012 , What's hot in travel, Sydney, Bangkok, New York

Our monthly round-up of the latest in travel, from the hottest new clubs and mouthwatering gastro haunts to up-and-coming destinations. This July, we’ve uncovered the coolest place to quaff a G&T outside the UK, a luxurious retreat amidst the bustle of Bangkok and the best Mediterranean party destination to bust a move at this summer. Read more

Top 10 destinations with the weakest currencies

July 02, 2012 , Round-up travel features, Ho Chi Minh City, Mumbai, Reykjavik

The global economy may be on the brink once again, but it’s not all doom and gloom: there are some great opportunities for jet-setters amidst the turmoil. We’ve shortlisted ten emerging destinations whose local currencies have nose-dived in recent months, so you can stretch your holiday cash further while experiencing the must-see cities of tomorrow Read more

The best party spot in Rio

June 20, 2012 , On the road, Spotlight on ...

This week the world’s gaze is on Rio de Janeiro as it hosts the UN +20 climate change summit. We all know about the city’s dazzling beaches, hot bodies and designer bars – but, says our local expert Lucy Bryson, for the authentic heart of Rio and its most bewitching nightlife, visitors should look elsewhere Read more

48 hours in Berlin

June 20, 2012 , 48 hours in..., Berlin

Many people associate Berlin with dark underground clubs and severe architecture; but there is a far more carefree side to the city. With the winter chill over, Berlin comes to life in the summer, as Berliners take to the pavement cafes, leafy parks and riverside bars, reveling in giddy celebration of the heady summer nights. Read more

Top 5 Beijing restaurants

June 17, 2012 , Beijing, Top 5

Being the capital of a country with such a complex culinary tradition, and a magnet for people from across the globe, it’s not hard to imagine that Beijing has burgeoning restaurant scene. From home-style hot-pot joints to raucous Muslim restaurants and savory pancake stalls, here’s our pick of the best food experiences in ‘The Jing’. Read more

Have yourself a Rumpus

June 15, 2012 , On the road, Review, London

‘Is my tail wonky?’ I find myself staring at the behind of a man dressed as a tiger wearing the tail of a fox. I consider this for a moment. ‘Wonky? Well, a little.’ I make a slight adjustment and send the tiger fox on his way Read more

Top 10 secret places in London

May 29, 2012 , Round-up travel features, London

With the Jubilee and Olympics fast approaching, the eyes of the world are on London this summer – but the things that make the city really special are often hidden from view. Here, our local experts give their pick of London’s lesser-known gems, from a hip roof-top bar in Peckham to a long-lost Roman amphitheatre. Read more

48 hours in Stockholm

May 29, 2012 , 48 hours in..., Stockholm

Although often seen as a winter destination, there’s more to Stockholm than skiing, smoked fish and saunas. In fact, this collection of islands is best explored in the warmer months, when the seemingly endless days fuel the locals in their passion for fine food, nature and revelry. Here, our local experts detail the perfect weekend in the ‘Venice of the North’ Read more

What's hot in travel - June

May 29, 2012 , What's hot in travel, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Paris, Chicago

Our monthly column rounds up all the info you need to be a savvy traveller, from the most happening new clubs, on-trend hotels and buzzing restaurants to overlooked destinations and travel news. This June we’ve uncovered the latest underground drinking den, as well as the quirky trend that will see you bunking up summer camp-style. Read more

Top 5 Chicago eats

May 29, 2012 , Top 5, Chicago

With fertile farmland on its doorstep, a robust immigrant population, and deep-frozen winters that demand extra calories, you’d expect Chicago’s foodie scene to be impressive. But what’s surprising is the sheer range: from world-renowned restaurants to one-of-a-kind fast food, the eats here suit all tastes – and budgets. Our local experts have pick... Read more

Review: Residenza Arco de’ Tolomei

May 21, 2012

I am stood outside a grand medieval door on a winding cobbled lane in Trastevere. It is early morning, and the streets are empty except one old lady who has emerged from her house to yawn and smoke a cigarette. A postman comes past and they stop to chat. In these early hours, before the town wakes up and the tourists arrive, it is possible to believe you’re still in a Rome of yesteryear. I’m looking for Guesthouse Arco de’ Tolomei, but there is no sign on the door or any indication that this might be a bed-and-breakfast. I’m at the right number though, so I ring the bell and the door clicks open Read more

On the Road: First impressions of Havana

February 29, 2012 , On the road, Havana

I arrive to the soundtrack of Charlie Parker’s jazz whispering out the taxi stereo punctuated by the syncopated shake, rattle and roll of a beat up old Chevrolet hurtling along beside us. It’s an apt beginning to my time in a city that is in many ways a living, breathing, sweating and heaving flashback to the 50s Read more

Review: The Stew House

February 10, 2012

I was walking down a dark back street in the depths of London’s Hackney feeling hungry and a little lost, something not usually recommended especially in high heels. It was not looking promising for dinner, that is until I saw a glint of glitter from the tassels of a girl’s skirt up ahead, as she sashayed up the street arm-in-arm with a gentleman in a top hat and tails, wielding a cane purposefully. This was not the place for such attire Read more