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Favourite hotspots in Brussels

January 03, 2013 , Latest hotspots in..., Brussels

If fleeing the winter chill for somewhere hotter isn't quite your thing, then Brussels is one of our favourite cities to explore in the colder European climate. Though some have previously dismissed Brussels as dull and rather unexciting, today the city is a quirky, fascinating hub ready to take you on a gastronomic adventure. Read more

Latest hotspots in Edinburgh

December 19, 2012 , Latest hotspots in..., Edinburgh

While most venture to Edinburgh for the new year's eve festivities of fireworks and canons being fired at the stroke of midnight, at GuidePal, we've found other reasons to head to the Scottish capital. From restaurants hidden in gardens, to old-school bars and cosy cafes, we've found our favourite places to enjoy all year round Read more

Latest hotspots in Bangkok

December 04, 2012 , Latest hotspots in..., Bangkok

As winter hits the northern hemisphere, there's no better time to escape and seek refuge in the beauty and culture of Thailand's capital city. A disorientating amalgam of old and new unlike anywhere else in Asia, Bangkok is the place to see out the year's colder months with good food, cool bars and vintage shopping. Read more

Latest hotspots in Barcelona

November 19, 2012 , Latest hotspots in..., Barcelona

There's so much more to Barcelona than La Rambla and Gaudi buildings - beautiful though they are. It's home to a flourishing foodie scene and full of people obsessed with a good night out - and we don't just mean flamenco and paella, neither of which come from the city. We've revamped our Barcelona guide with all our local experts' favourites - here's a snapshot.. Read more

Latest hotspots in Paris

November 01, 2012 , Latest hotspots in..., Paris

Paris is the latest guide in our repertoire that's undergone a revamp, and we can't seem to get enough of this city. So we've put together a hot list of our Parisian favourites, from a Christian Lacroix designed hotel and pink boutiques to the latest in 70s-inspired Moroccan bars. Read more

Latest hotspots in New Orleans

October 19, 2012 , Latest hotspots in..., New Orleans

We've been updating our New Orleans guide with more than just Mardi Gras. With bars, galleries and a shopping street that is set to overwhelm even the most dedicated of shopaholics, our list of local favourites will be sure to set New Orleans on a brand new map. Read more

Latest hotspots in Berlin

October 12, 2012 , Latest hotspots in..., Berlin

Berlin is acknowledged the world over as a cultural melting pot of creative cool. As a city that is constantly regenerating and reforming, it never loses its edge. Here at GuidePal we've just updated our Berlin guide, bringing you everything from the latest all-night wreck club to the hippest hidden restaurant. Read more

Latest hotspots in LA

September 17, 2012 , Latest hotspots in..., Los Angeles

En route to LA? Our guide has just been updated with the latest and greatest spots. Here are a few of our tried-and-tested favourites - from markets to bars and a top place to eat in between Read more

Latest hotspots in Amsterdam

September 04, 2012 , Latest hotspots in..., Amsterdam

We’ve just finished revamping our Amsterdam guide – check out all the latest local tips, from cool boutiques to quirky cafés. Read more