Review: An artist's abode in Amsterdam

February 01, 2013 , Review, Amsterdam

"You must be freezing!" Claire, my host cried, looking in alarm at my mini skirt. "I have lots of thermals, and you're going to need them here. Please do borrow some." I had only just walked through the door and already the utterly charming Claire was offering me extra layers of her own clothing. Now, you don't get that in a hotel. Read more

Review: The Rutland Hotel, Edinburgh

December 07, 2012 , Review, Edinburgh

Luxury is an ever-changing concept. At one point, it was all stark minimalism, intimidating to all but the most rarefied of creatures (people who wear white and get blow dries). But things began to change with the boom in boutique hotels: they lost the snooty attitude, the spacious empty suites were replaced with vintage-chic aesthetic, and us mere mortals could blend in. Which is where Edinburgh’s Rutland Hotel comes in. Read more

Bounce: Heading up the ping pong pack

October 05, 2012 , Review, Spotlight on ..., London

It’s a silly game. Hitting a tiny little ball with a daft little paddle, back and forth, back and forth, which is near impossible to achieve without a good dose of comedy. You would think a game such as this would be forever relegated to the remit of Forest Gump geeks and obscure Olympians. But no. Not in the slightest. Read more

Have yourself a Rumpus

June 15, 2012 , On the road, Review, London

‘Is my tail wonky?’ I find myself staring at the behind of a man dressed as a tiger wearing the tail of a fox. I consider this for a moment. ‘Wonky? Well, a little.’ I make a slight adjustment and send the tiger fox on his way Read more