What's hot in travel - August

July 31, 2012 , What's hot in travel, Nice

Our monthly round-up of the latest in travel, from the coolest cultural festivals to international dining trends, new hotels and exotic destinations. This August, we’ve uncovered the most fabulous new luxury lodge in Sub-Saharan Africa, a pocket of Niçoise restaurants worth their sea salt as well as where to catch the world’s largest food fight.

La Tomatina, Buñol | photo: puuikibeach
WHERE TO PLAY: Valencia, Spain
Join revellers at the annual La Tomatina festival in the Valencian town of Buñol. Every year, thousands gather for the week-long celebration culminating in ‘la batalla’ – the globe’s largest tomato fight, on 29 August. Buñol is a half-hour drive from Valencia. Don’t forget your swimming goggles and two layers of clothing, should the first be ripped off in the fracas.

WHERE TO SLEEP: Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti, Tanzania
Ramp up the glam factor on your next safari by downing your binoculars at the Four Seasons Safari Lodge, set to open in a few short months. The contemporary African-designed luxury hotel offers direct views over the Serengeti, a spa complex and opportunities to get close to Africa’s unspoiled wilderness in a safe and ecologically responsible environment.

Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti | photo courtesy: Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
WHERE TO FLY: Edinburgh, Scotland
Kicking off on 3 August in Scotland’s capital, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival will showcase thousands of performers from world-famous acts to unknown wannabes. With shows ranging from Sex, Drugs and Vaudeville cabaret to Power Shuffle theatre, there’s a spectacle in store for all audiences at the world’s largest arts festival. Until 29 August.

WHERE TO EAT: Pocket bistros, Nice
A growing number of top local chefs are hanging up their tea towels in the Côte d’Azur’s stuffier (mostly Michelin-starred) kitchens to open their own no-fuss, home-style Mediterranean eateries with affordable menus to match. Emerging cult favourites include La Merenda, Chat Noir, Chat Blanc and brand new ‘snack gourmand’ café Comme Chez Moi. Bon appétit! Discover more about Nice in the GuidePal city guide.

La Merenda, Nice | photo: Sarah Reid | All Rights Reserved
GOING UP: Ancestral travel
While the truly intrepid are showing no signs of slowing down in 2012, a growing number of holidaymakers are crafting itineraries closer to (their ancestral) home. No doubt fueled in part by popular TV program ‘Who Do You Think You Are’, curious travellers are now embarking on odysseys to places like West Africa, Japan, India and the Baltics to re-discover their roots.

GOING DOWN: Grumbling about the Olympics
Following endless local reports of security glitches and traffic congestion, the world press has taken a swipe at Londoners for conforming to their stereotype as a bunch of royal whingers in the lead up to the Games. With the show now underway, here’s hoping the excitement of the 30th Olympiad paints some smiles on those ol’ Blighty dials.

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