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Via Maggio

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The best antique and art shopping in Italy

Word to the wise: If you’re hoping to pick up some original Renaissance art, stop in at Guido Bartolozzi - Florence’s most famous antique shop. It’s at number 18.

There are few better places in Europe to go antique and art hunting than Florence - and there’s nowhere better in Florence than Via Maggio. In fact, with its long rows of antique shops displaying their wares out front, it feels more like an open-air museum than a street - somewhere you can spend half a day looking around. You’ll find oil paintings, marble statues and sculptures, tapestries, china figures, furniture, lamps and weaponry, dating mostly from between the 16th and 18th centuries, spread all along the street here.


Quick facts

Open: Most shops, Daily: 9am - 7.30pm
Address: Via Maggio
Phone: Guido Bartolozzi: +39 055 215 602



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