Taxis and private hire cars with drivers

Taxis and private hire cars with drivers

For hassle-free travel within Delhi

Word to the wise: Except at railway stations, you can't hail a cab easily in Delhi. Look out for official taxi stands in neighbourhoods - ask for the meter or negotiate the fare before departing.

If you can't quite face the city's auto-rickshaws, taxis are still an affordable transport option. You can hire a radio taxi cab via a reputable firm like Mega Cabs or Meru Cabs, both of whom also offer online booking.

If time is short, hire a chauffeured car for added convenience - most companies offer 4hr half-day or 8hr full-day services. It is relatively cheap and makes getting around the city a thousand times easier - you can go where you like, when you like, and avoid the inevitable haggling that accompanies hailing a rickshaw every time you need one. Try Maavalan Travels (+91 11 4601 4076) in New Delhi who are recommended for their organisation, safety record and efficient and friendly drivers.

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price Meru Cabs, flagfall: INR 20 Per kilometre: INR 20
phone Meru Cabs: +91 22 4422 4422

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