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Beach Cuisine Restaurant

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Delicate dim-sum in a tranquil seaside setting

Popular plate: The Shanghai dumplings are filled with minced pork, vegetables and hot soup - they're served with a light vinegar sauce and burst inside the mouth.

Word to the wise: Try to visit during the week – at the weekend the locals flock to the restaurant in their droves.

Away from the madding crowds of the city, this beachfront Chinese restaurant in Sai Kung specialises in dim sum and offers some of the freshest, most succulent and flavour-rich dumplings, steamed buns, rice noodle rolls and fried seafood in Hong Kong.

In a fantastic location overlooking Sha Ha beach, this popular restaurant is a world away from the usual frantic, cavernous, brightly lit dim sum eateries. Sit under a pagoda, order a range of dishes and relax with a Tsingtao beer as you wait for your food to arrive in fragrant bamboo steamers.


Quick facts

Price: Shanghai dumplings: HKD 26
Open: Mon-Sat: 12noon - 10pm
Sun: 10.30am - 10pm
Address: SX 164, DD221, Sha Ha Beach, Tai Mong Tsai Road, Sai Kung
Phone: +852 2792 4990



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