Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas

Bright, brash, unashamedly kitsch and utterly debaucherous, there's no other place on the planet like Sin City. Ablaze with neon lights, the world-famous Las Vegas Strip is packed with towering, gaudy mega-resorts where any desire can be gratified with a decent tip.

From the Roman-style Caesars Palace exploding with statues, fountains and costumed staff dressed like centurion guards to New York-New York with its rollercoaster zigzagging through the mini-Manhattan skyline, Vegas is a place where a night out can last a week and one hand can change your life - if only you can afford to keep on playing.

But Vegas isn't just a vehicle for quickie weddings and horrific hangovers. Gambling dens, magic shows and gut-busting buffets aside, the USA's fastest-growing metropolis also plays host to top-tier performers, high-brow art exhibitions and houses some of the most revered restaurants and luxury spas in the country. Re-energized downtown Vegas puts an alternative spin on Strip-style chaos and just a stone's throw from the city, Nevada's most stunning natural playgrounds - from the Grand Canyon to the Valley of Fire - await.

Whatever your poison, this over-the-top city will challenge your limits and whelm your senses. Go on, live a little.

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