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Di Penco

Photo: Samanta Celera on Flickr | License

Bustling, authentic Italian joint

Noteworthy for: The effervescent Italian owner loves his country and proudly presents its specialities.

Popular plate: The daily pasta comes with a meat/fish or veggie sauce and is always fresh and filling.

Di Penco is without a doubt the best Italian restaurant in Malmö, although its basic decor might have you believe the food isn't that good. Give it a try, though, and you'll understand why tables are full any day of the week for lunch and dinner. The menu consists of antipasti, pizza, and pasta: no frills, no surprises, just simple, delicious food.

The atmosphere is lively, with people dropping in for some marinated olives, charcuterie, or homemade pesto from the deli. The chatty Italian waiters will help you choose a good bottle to go with your food.


Quick facts

Price: Pizza: SEK 60-95
Open: Mon-Fri: 10am - 10pm
Address: Roskildevägen 3
Phone: +46 40 39 66 55



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