Welcome to Mumbai

A cacophony of sounds, smells, sights, and people, India can be overwhelming. And Mumbai (Bombay) is no exception. A true city of contrasts, Mumbai's modern skyscrapers loom over festering slums and humble chai wallahs eke out an existence alongside glittering Bollywood actors. The financial, fashion, and film capital of India, Mumbai is a place where stars are made, multi-million dollar deals are hatched and beggars, businessmen, cows and crazed rickshaw drivers all jostle for position in the chaos.

Handed to the British as the dowry of a Portuguese princess, Mumbai has seen it all - from Gandhi's anti-imperialist crusade to the threat of modern terrorism. But nothing can phase Mumbaikers - all 13 million of them, existing cheek-by-jowl in the commercial hub of an ancient civilisation seeking to find its place in the New World Order.

After the multi-sensory shock of Mumbai wears off, the city - one of India's cleanest - is a joy to explore. From grand, gothic remnants of the Raj to ancient Hindu temples and breathtaking feats of modern engineering, there's a new sight around every corner and more bars, boutiques, mega malls, galleries and restaurants than even the locals can wiggle their heads at.

A veritable melting pot of culture, language and cuisine, Mumbai is a destination that commands an extended stopover, just so you can get a proper taste. Go on, take a bite.

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Quick facts

  • Inhabitants in India:
  • Inhabitants in Mumbai:
  • Official language
    Hindi and English
  • Currency
    Indian Rupee
  • Time zone
    GMT + 5.30 hours
  • Emergency number
    Police: 100, Fire: 101, Ambulance: 307 7324
  • Constitution
    Federal parliamentary constitutional republic
  • Country phone code
    22 (Mumbai)
  • Country code
  • Local transportation
    Trains, buses, cabs, private taxi