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Marketing campaigns with native discovery content

Take your audience on a real adventure by telling your story.

Boost reach, engagement and conversions by spreading your campaign and story via our platform and social media channels.

Create effective campaigns to launch new products, highlight new airline routes, car routes, promote events – and so much more.

Example of business case:

We helped WEEKDAY - a fashion brand owned by H&M - to curate guides featuring the best swimming spots for six European cities, supporting their 2016 swimwear campaign.

Launch user contests

Engage with, and activate, your audience through user contests. Encourage your users to share their best stories and photos.

Use the campaign to create a sustained and meaningful relationship with your customers.


The ultimate discovery product for your event

We can help you create high-quality discovery content for your event in a destination, which your community can enjoy. Through our platform, we can build and curate responsive campaigns or micro web pages for anyone within:

  • Tech
  • Sports
  • Festivals
  • and more

Get fresh, engaging content from our influencers

Utilise our network of influencers and travel experts by having them create engaging destination content - via web, articles, videos, app - just for you.

Get a constant supply of great content from GuidePal's expert network.


GuidePal allows people to experience the world through your brand’s perspective.

As we lose our trust in crowd sourced reviews, we give people guides from brands and influencers they know and love.

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